Sheer Heart Attack

Artist: Queen (English)
User: Anonymous
Duration: 160 seconds
Delay: 15 seconds
Chord names: Not defined
This transcription reflects the tonality of the guitar-chords in the
recorded song. It doesn't necessarily reflect the chords that are actually
played, i.e. everything might actually have been played one half-step higher on a
guitar with strings that were tuned down one half-step. But no matter if you play
these chords on a guitar with standart-tuning or if do it the way Roger did
it, it sounds correct anyway. Of course you can also play it one half-step lower
on a guitar with standart-tuning, like Brian did when they played it live.
Please note that all these chords are meant to be power-chords, though I write
them as usual chords.


April 7, 2014, 8:23 PM


             Eb                                   Ab Bb
Well you're just 17 and all you wanna do is disappear
 Eb                                                        Ab  Bb
You know what I mean,there's a lot of space between your ears
 Eb                                          Ab Bb
The way that you touch don't feel nu nothin'
Hey hey hey hey,it was the D.N.A
 F                                      F#,G
Hey hey hey hey,that made me this way
 Eb                                         Ab  Bb
Do you know,do you know,do you know just how I feel
 Eb                                         Ab  Bb
Do you know,do you know,do you know just how I feel
 Bb  Ab,Bb,Ab,Bb,Ab,Bb,Ab Bb   Ab  Bb
Sheeeeer                 heart attack
Sheeeer heart attack (sim.)
Real cardiac (sim.)
I feel so inar-ticulate
The rest is clear.

(The insane instrumental break is in  Bb )