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December 2, 2022, 4:42 PM
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Аккорды с переходом баса - E/D, Am/G, D/C - можно смело пропускать для упрощения игры, они нужны для "украшения" мелодии.
Каждый аккорд с "↓" над ним играется одним ударом вниз по струнам.
November 25, 2022, 3:45 PM
so the funny thing about 13 is , Its superstitions , and Thats How the Devil deceives , He puts Fear With these superstitions..
and The orgins of 13 ,, is There was this Group, and the king was sayign all these things about them , sayign they Were Trubble, . and the Group was offenced taht he said all these THigns negivte About them .. so they planed to Kill him .. and they Decided to get one more person involed, and this 13 guy sent a letter to his Cusin to say not to Come to this Festivil since the king was going to be Assainated .. and they foudn teh letter, and The 13 guys were hung ( killed) ..
so poepl say 13 is unlucky cuz if they didnt Get the 13 guy involed, They wouldnt of Gotten cought so early ..
Just REmember , God SPeaks the Truth . And HE says not to Put forcus on these Myths , We need to Focus on heavenly things .
also , i tell this to everyone, if you want to Know how to hear the holy spirti, you need to listen to Thoughts from above.. ok,
Picture Your Self in a chair, in a middle of an empty room ,, and say to your Self, " these are my thoughts , "
say this A few time ( not out loud ).. and then Start to ask Questions, talk to God, and Listen to Were these THoughts are Coming From ..
( i have noticed , thoughts From GOd, come From above, and these Demons, come from Behind
these Sound like my thoughts ( not Voices).. i will think of a question,And if the Reply doesnt come from above, and not from the Center of the room, Where i hear my self say " these are my thoughts " and the Thought are From around me ..
i know this Sound Crazy , but its True .. and the only way to tell if its your thought , or if its an implanted thought , is For you to Learn, What your Own thoughts Sound Like . Telsa Said, he Never need to Sketch an idea, they always worked just as he 1st imagined
God Bless . ( check link out if you think im Crazy , And try this For a next few days, And after a week or Two , you will start to see the Truth, The spirit of Truth is the Holy Spirit so if you say " God doesnt Exist " Take 2 seconds and say to God, " show me a sign that you are there , and ask him if what i say is True , and thougts From above are from him , and i promis, you will get a Sign For both of these , God WAnts us to seek the Truth, and To seek Him .
Интро к песне играется следующим образом:
Am E и G (на четвертом ладу без первой струны)
Алексей, Если вы ещё раз вмешаетесь в чужой хорошо отредактированный подбор, то я сделаю всё, что в моих силах, чтобы убедить разработчика отобрать у Вас права не только на редактирование чужих песен, но и на добавление своих.
November 15, 2022, 9:20 PM
Спасибо товарищу с сайта Он очень оперативно и качественно подбирает все новинки от Ундервуда
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